Solo Camper Survives 120ft Drop After Pitching Tent On Cliff Edge Comments Off on Solo Camper Survives 120ft Drop After Pitching Tent On Cliff Edge

Solo Camper Survives 120ft Drop After Pitching Tent On Cliff Edge

Campers often have a hard time finding a good spot to pitch their tents, however for one man, his choice almost cost him his life.

Steven Hill, 42, shattered 122 bones, punctured a lung and suffered sever spinal injuries after plunging 120ft off of the edge of a cliff at Gallanach, near Oban, Argyll, after becoming disorientated when waking up from a nap.

He said that “I’m the luckiest man alive. I had never been in an accident in my life before this. People can’t believe how lucky I was. I was conscious the whole way down until impact.

“I fell asleep on the grass. I woke up ratty and was scrabbling around.

“The next thing I knew I had the sensation of increasing velocity.

“I could feel myself brushing against things.”

He was knocked unconscious by the fall and lay there for approximately four hours before coming to, after which he crawled for 40 minutes to the nearest road where he spent the next two hours attempting to flay down passersby before two cyclists came to his aid, calling an ambulance.

He was admitted to the Queen Elizabeth National Spinal Injuries Unit in Glasgow, where he spent weeks recovering before a successful operation that saw the insertion of titanium rods to repair his shattered spine.

Mr Hill, who has lived locally in Oban for over 20 years, often visited the remote spot which he frequents regularly to clear his head and take in the view.

Doctors were stunned by the number of bones that he had broken and that, despite the injuries suffered to his spine, he didn’t end up with paralysis.

Mr Hill said that when he tells people about his accident they can’t believe him.

He said that “I’ve had guys calling me Robocop’ and stuff,

“I just tell them it’s too sore to laugh.”

Simon Glen, a spokesman for the head injury charity Headway Glasgow, said that “It can take people a long time to recover. It can often be a long road.”

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