When a camper opts for a bivvy bag it’s absolutely certain that they’re looking for something that’s ultra-light and ultra-portable, as there are few other reasons why someone would choose the minimalism of a bivvy bag over the relative comfort of a larger, heavier tent. This inevitable makes weight and pack size the most important factors for most people when it comes to choosing which bivvy bag to purchase.

Typically, bivvy bags weight in anywhere from 200g up to 1.5kg, however there are some higher-end bags which are exceptions to this rule, one notable example being the very expensive Terra Nova bivvy, which weights just 60g. Another factor includes design and features, this includes things like the addition of poles, such is the case for hooped bivvy bags, or tent pegs. These elements, although increase the overall weight, do provide a lot more comfort than the more traditional military bivvy bag, giving you head room and keeping the bag up and away from your face.

The fabric of a bivvy bag can also have a dramatic effect on it’s weight, with more durable, hard-wearing fabric tending to be heavier. However, these days there are a number of high-tech fabrics which manage to combine durability with lightness, however due these bags tend to be at the much higher end of the scale when it comes to price.

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To recap, a bivvy bags weight is determined by 3 factors:

Design: Enclosed bivvy bags typically add around a hundred grams in weight, whilst hooped bivvy bags can add 200 grams

Dimensions: The larger your bivvy is the more spacious it will be, however it’s important to realise that with this added comfort comes additional weight

Material: The type of material your bivvy bag is made of depends on cost, with better, more lightweight and durable materials typically costing more than heavier, less durable ones

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