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Aqua Quest is an US-based outdoor equipment and clothing company that was established back in 1996, having grown since then to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of waterproof gear.

The company all started with it’s founder crudely creating the first Aqua Quest product prototype on a beach on Thailand, that product was a waterproof money belt, something that he came to create as a result of his travels around the world. This prototype proved to be a success, laying the groundwork for the company and the wide range of waterproof products and equipment that it offers today.

Aqua Quest are best known for their range of high quality, mid-range priced bivvy bags, offering both hooped bivvy bags, such as their popular Aqua Quest Hoopla Bivvy, as well as more traditional, military style bivvy bags that offer some of the best value for money of any bivvy bag range currently on the market.

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Recommended Aqua Quest Bivvy Bags

Aqua-Quest ‘The Hoopla’ Ultra Light Bivvy Bag

Aqua-Quest ‘The Hoopla’ Ultra Light Bivvy Bag

3.5 stars, based on 20 reviews


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