Bivvy Bag Benefits

If you’re new to bivvy bags and haven’t tried them before, it’s a good idea to get to know more about them and just how effective they can prove to be on campaign trips, as well as the benefits they offer when compared to traditional tents.

For starters, they’re a lot less hassle. You don’t need to find as much room as you do for a tent, and poles, hooks and ropes are all entirely unnecessary, making it much easier for you to camp without having to spend time messing around with your pitch.


Bivvy bags are incredibly versatile, offering a one-size fits all sleeping system. This makes them perfect for either solo or group camps, all year round. Camping in individuals bivvy bags makes for a much more pleasant experience compared to cramming multiple people into a tent, where things can get hot and uncomfortable relatively quickly, making it difficult to get a good nights sleep.

Unlike most tents, you don’t need to secure your bivvy bag to the ground, making them not only quicker to pitch but far more versatile in terms of terrain, available space and other factors which may limit your ability to set up a tent. They also sit much lower than tents and are designed to be streamlined, this helps you to stay out of the winds and better fend against the elements should you find yourself caught in less than favourable weather conditions.


Bivvy bags are designed to be durable, being made from resilient, waterproof materials that make that capable of dealing with even the worst of weather conditions. They won’t protect you from extreme weather events, but they do hold their own in wind, rain and snow, giving you a comfortable, dry and warm place to seek shelter.

The materials that bivvy bags are made from are designed specifically to do two things; keep out water whilst diffusing water vapour from the inside to prevent the build up of condensation, and to give you a good, comfortable nights sleep, by keeping warm air in and cold air out.

If you’re familiar with camping in tents, you’ll be all too aware of the problem that condensation poses and how a build up of it can leave the inside of your tent wet. With bivvy bags you don’t get this, as these materials have been designed to be far more breathable, allowing water vapour to escape, preventing the buildup of condensation.

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One of the key benefits of a bivvy bag over a traditional tent is it’s portability, as both their small pack size and weight make carrying a bivvy bag in your back pack much easier and more convenient. This is especially the case for military bivvy bags, although it is also true even of hooped bivvy bags that have connective ropes which are typically constructed from light weight materials and are telescopic, being folded when packed to limit the amount of space that they take up.

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