Here is our selection of the best military bivvy bags. currently on the market. We’ve picks these based on their waterproof rating, quality, carry weight and the value for money that they offer, making it easier to choose the right bivvy bag for you.

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Highlander Hawk Bivvy Bag

Highlander Hawk Bivvy Bag

4.5 stars, based on 20 reviews


RRP £59.99
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Highlander Hawk Bivvy Bag

The Highlander Hawk bivvy bag is hands-down one of the best, value for money bags currently on the market. It’s highly waterproof, being rated for 4 seasons, lightweight and breathable, keeping you comfortable and dry whatever the weather.

Made from AB-TEX Trimax Laminate, a man-made material that’s highly breathable, waterproof and allows water vapour to escape from the inside whilst an impenetrable outer barrier keeps rain out, making this Highlander bivvy bag highly waterproof. It also boasts a wire-supported mesh screen that helps to increase ventilation whilst also protecting you from midges and mosquitos.

All in all, the Highlander Hawk bivvy is a great option for those looking for a bag on a budget, offering great value for money, compact and lightweight bivvy that’s highly waterproof, and retails for less than £50.

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User Reviews


Have tested in the woods and on the beach and I am not disappointed. Delivery was also very quick, 9 May 2015

Had spent months looking into which bivvi to buy given that I use a micro tarp and so need the bivvi to be truly waterproof. Have tested in the woods and on the beach and I am not disappointed. Delivery was also very quick.


Great product, Great Price!, 27 July 2014

Recently purchased one and on delivery noticed weight is 920g, not 600g. Harry (seller) was very helpful in his explanation (must use manufacturers description, even if incorrect) and as product looked the business decided to give it a go. Practiced outdoors beforehand and it worked well, not water ingress. My hiking mate liked it so much I ordered one for him as well. Recently used it overnight in Scotland and it was great in a light rain, no ingress of water. Looking forward to the Cairngorms end of August, will update afterwards.
If you want a bivi bag this is the one and the seller is very good.


not got it wet yet, but bivvied under a …, 9 July 2014

not got it wet yet, but bivvied under a tarp with it, plenty of room (i am 5’10” and “generously” proportioned) also plenty of room to put a full length matt inside with room to spare. i left the top open so i’m not sure how roomy it would be zipped up in a downpour, but then its a bivvy, not the crown plaza hotel. only issue potential i can see is the waterproof zips leave about a 1cm square gap where all the zips meet up when fully zipped up.

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SnugPak Bivvi Bag

SnugPak Bivvi Bag

4 stars, based on 4 reviews


RRP £204.95
You save £145!

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Highlander Hawk Bivvy Bag

The SnugPak Bivvi Bag has been designed to be the ultimate durable, compact and lightweight, low-cost sleep system, offering complete protection from the rain and has much better breathability than other bags within its price range. It’s extremely easy to carry and portable, weighing in at just 340g and packing away into a compression sack that’s just 16cm by 8cm.

This SnugPak bivvy bag offers a number of qualities and technical advantages over many of the other bivvy bags that retail at a similar price point, notably waterproofing, as it has a hydrostatic rating in excess of 5,000mm. This makes the SnugPak Bivvy Bag fully waterproof, which means it’s perfect in all weather conditions and can be used throughout the year.

Constructed from Paratex dry fabric, the SnugPak Bivvy Bag is great in windy conditions and highly durable. It’s also easy to maintain and clean, as the outer fabric is treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) that can be put in a tumble drier on a low, cool setting, after washing and re-treatment.

In conclusions, the SnugPak bivvy bag offers good value for money, is compact, lightweight and highly waterproof, all at a relatively low price point. This makes this bivvy bag a great choice for those looking for a bag that is rated for year-round use on a budget.

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User Reviews


Five Stars, 17 June 2015



good, 4 March 2015

Not as rufty tufty as an Army gortex one but a fraction of the weight/size and 100% waterproof


A new piece of kit to replace old bivi bag., 5 March 2014

I’m in the process of renewing my kit, Got to get it lighter.

Bought this bivvi bag, because of the weight and how small it can pack. Most impressed.

Quick delivery. It was tested in the Carngorms a month ago and came up trumphs.

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